• Laboratory of Biomaterials disposes of a complete range of equipments, such as:– Labconco Freeze dryer

    – ultrasonic bath,

    – magnetic and mechanic stirrer (including ultraturax),

    – rotoevaporator,

    – Avanti mini extruder,

    – high performance digital balances,

    – Vacuum oven

    – Ultracentrifuge

    – Vortex.

    – Thermostatic bath

    – Glass reactor for emulsion/suspension polymerization.

    – VWR Ultrapure water system.

    Equipments for physicochemical and biological characterization:

    – Dynamic Light Scattering apparatus (Nanotrac from Microtrac)

    – UV-VIS spectrophotometer (Nanodrop ONE)

    – Hanson diffusion cells system

    – pH-meter

    – Zeiss optical microscope

    – Photometer