TargEar – activities

Year    2020   

Stage I. Synthesis and characterization of the precursors

Task I.1. Synthesis and characterization of oligochitosan

Task I.2. Synthesis and characterization of synthetic copolymer


Year 2021      

Stage II. Design, synthesis and characterization of peptide-functionalized magnetic nanocarriers loaded with dexamethasone

Task II.1. Functionalization of oligochitosan with the peptides

Task II.2. Preparation of characterization of magnetic nanoparticles

Task II.3. Preparation of peptide-functionalized magnetic nanocapsules loaded with dexamethasone

Task II.4. Preparation of peptide-functionalized magnetic liposomes loaded with dexamethasone

Task II.5. Physico-chemical characterization of peptide-functionalized NPs


Year 2022

Stage III. In vitro behaviour of peptide-functionalized magnetic nanocarriers loaded with dexamethasone

Task III.1. Preparation of fluorescent peptides-functionalized magnetic nanocarriers

Task III.2. In vitro drug release studies

Task III.3. Evaluation of the in vitro drug delivery to the inner ear using an artificial mucosa model

Task III.4. Biodegradability studies of oligochitosan-based nanocarriers

Task III.5. Assessment of the in vitro cytotoxicity


Year 2023

Stage IV. In vitro investigation of protein adsorption, hemocompatibility and behaviour of the peptide-functionalized magnetic nanocarriers at the cellular level

Task IV.1. Protein adsorption studies

Task IV.2. In vitro assessment of the interaction of peptide-functionalized magnetic nanocarriers with the blood components

Task IV.3. In vitro cell viability assessment on various cell lines

Task IV.4. In vitro membranary cellular uptake estimation of drug-loaded nanocarriers

Task IV.5. Evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity of peptide-functionalized magnetic NPs on in vitro models


Year 2024

Stage V. In vitro investigation of hemocompatibility

Task IV.1. Hemocompatibility tests








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