NABIOMAT – objectives and activities of the project

Project objectives

1. The first general objective of this project is to develop new drug delivery systems of controlled particle size based on PCL and P2VP biocompatible NPs prepared by a non-aqueous emulsion polymerization. At this stage, the drug will be chosen depending on the dispersed phase, VP or CL: as model hydrophilic drug will be used cisplatin whereas paclitaxel will be investigated as a model hydrophobic molecule.

2. The second major objective, it will be taken into consideration the system where not only the dispersed phase is polymerizable but also the continuous phase. For this approach, leading to the two-phase biomaterials, biocompatible functionalized PDMS oil (PDMS-DGE) will be used and the two emulsion phases will be polymerized by two distinct mechanisms.

Project activities

A1: Synthesis and characterization of PDMS-based copolymers

A2: Preparation and characterization of non-aqueous emulsions based on PDMS oil (in the absence and in the presence of drugs)

A3: Preparation and physico-chemical characterization of non-aqueous nanoparticle dispersions

A4: Evaluation of the biological characteristics of nanoparticles

A5: Preparation and characterization of biphasic biomaterials