Name: Prof. dr. Leonard Ionut ATANASE – Coordinator of the department

Research areas: 

– synthesis and characterization of block and graft copolymers

– polymeric colloids

– aqueous and non-aqueous emulsions

– drug delivery systems




Name: Prof. dr. Marcel POPA

Research areas:

– hydrogels

– polymeric micro/nanoparticles

– polymeric drug systems with controlled release

– immobilized enzymes, cells, microorganisms on polymeric supports

– polymer-drug conjugates

– polymer modifications


Name:C.S. Anca Niculina CADINOIU

Research areas:

– synthesis and characterization of lipsomes

– synthesis and characterization of polymeric micro and nanoparticles

– hydrogels based on natural and synthetic polymers

– drug delivery systems





Name:C.S. Delia Mihaela RATA

Research areas:

– drug delivery systems;

-synthesis and characterization of alternant copolymers using radical copolymerization method;

– synthesis and characterization of micro/nanocapsules and  hydrogels, based on natural and synthetic polymers;

– biological tests of drug delivery systems.



Name: Conf. dr. Gabriela MIHALACHE

Research areas:

– synthesis and characterization of thin layers by cathodic spraying, thermal evaporation and electrodeposition;

– synthesis of nanostructures embedded in chemical and electrochemical methods;

– synthesis and characterization of nanostructures (nanotubes, nanoparticles, nanowires etc.) based on metals, oxides and polymers

– synthesis, characterization and testing of composed nanopartics systems oxide / fiber polymer

– Synthesis and characterization of composite metal / carbon systems

– Synthesis of metal nanotubes / AAO systems



Name: S.L. Laura ROMILA

Research areas:

-synthesis of nanomaterials based on anionic clays and derived hybrids

-analysis of the structural and morphological characteristics using advanced physicochemical techniques such as XRD, UV-Vis, SEM-EDX, FTIR, TG-DTA, TEM, XPS etc

– practical applications of the synthesized materials (catalysis, photocatalysis, adsorption )



Name: Dr. Camelia TINCU

Research areas:

– polymer systems for the controlled release of biologically active compounds (cells, enzymes, nutraceuticals).

– hydrogels based on biopolymers (polysaccharides and proteins) for controlled release of bioactive compounds

– Modification of polysaccharides (through oxidation).

-Physicochemical and biological characterizations.